What are the pros and cons of copper sink?

Copper Sink

Kitchens are designed to be practical as well as utilitarian. For that reason, redecorating or updating them can be a difficult undertaking. If you really want to change the entire feeling of your kitchen, you can turn to copper sinks. No matter what style, age, or size of your kitchen, copper sinks are improved and offer many benefits. If you have decided to give your kitchen a unique aesthetic appeal by installing a copper sink, then you have made the best choice.

Pros of a copper sink
-Antimicrobial properties
Some alloys of unvarnished or uncoated copper have been proven to possess some antimicrobial properties. They reduce some species of bacteria on their surface. Copper sinks with antimicrobial properties should not be painted, waxed, varnished or lacquered. Even as the copper sink ages, its antimicrobial properties will be retained.

-No rust or corrosion
Copper sinks do not corrode easily or rust. If you install a copper sink in your kitchen, you will have an easy time maintaining it. All you need to do is to dry and polish it every now and then. Even if you leave your sink untreated, a Verde green patina is formed by the weathering process of copper, preventing it from corrosion.
Cons of Copper Sinks

When you are looking for copper sinks for sale you will soon realize that after using your copper sink for some time, it darkens due to the process known as oxidation. In moist conditions, copper oxidizes to form copper carbonate and hydroxide compounds (the green-blue patina).

Copper sinks easily get damaged when they come into contact with acidic compounds. You will notice that such arts lose their shine and do not look appealing anymore. Sometimes you can’t avoid using these acidic compounds in the kitchen and this is a drawback when using copper sinks.

Copper sinks demand more when it comes to maintenance. Apart from wiping them dry, you will be forced to clean them with basic detergents, and wax them periodically. If you want to keep your copper sink in the best condition possible, be prepared to go the extra mile.

If you really want a copper sink to give your kitchen a complete makeover and you don’t have much to spend it will be so unfortunate. Sometimes copper sinks can cost a fortune. So before purchasing any copper sink, ensure that you have enough money to go for the best quality copper sinks in the market. Don’t buy a cheap copper sink and start regretting later.

If you have decided that you a kitchen copper sink is all your kitchen needs for a maker over, don’t be in a hurry. You might end up purchasing a low quality copper sink that has a thin gauge. This means that your copper sink will easily have dents that will not be appealing to the eye.

If your kitchen is in need of a new sink, a custom made copper sink for sale will create the feeling you are looking for. Without any doubt, a beautiful copper sink a copper sink will create a functional space in your kitchen. All the best!