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We’ve all been there: after a crazy day at work, we get home, grab a drink, jump onto the couch, reach for our phone, and open up Instagram. Before we know it, minutes turn to hours, and soon, it is time for bed.

You are certainly not alone. These days, it’s almost impossible to find someone who isn’t on some form of social media. This is unsurprising, given that it is an extremely useful and powerful tool for the masses. Social media enhances our connectivity, creates communities, and builds businesses. If used right, social media can surely better our lives…

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As an Asian male residing in a country of no more than 8 million, there has always been a set route for one to pursue a typical career path reminiscent of the casual Asian meme. Either being a doctor, lawyer, or a career in the banking industry.

I was neither good at school nor did these mainstream endeavors interest me. And I have instead chosen to pursue the arts. I took up film studies but eventually niche down to photography, food photography to be exact.

I started working for companies but eventually decided to work for myself as a freelancer…

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“Wow! How is it done?”.

This is likely the very first reaction towards a jaw-dropping movie scene that we just experienced. No matter how old we get, this rhetorical question is often asked in disbelief.

Be it Superman flying, buildings collapsing around people as heroes save their world, or with animals that can break out into song, many adventures appearing on our theatre or television screen are moments that we simply cannot see being done in real life.

Well, for one, movies are the closest we can get to see the impossible become possible. To witness all our favorite fictional…

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Art has always been a kind of creation made to speak to the heart and a field of work catered to peak our interests. It is a universal language that most of us can find understanding from or at least entertainment within. However, no matter how much sentimentality art carries, it is also one that has its own form of technicality.

Where Mathematics and Science are built from the base of equations and formulas, art is in turn derived from three senses and mediums: words, audio, and visuals.

As someone who has dabbled with and enjoyed all three forms of…

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Just last week, I reached one of my greatest Medium milestones: becoming a Top Writer in a category. It is one thing to be tagged with such a great title on a platform that I have come to enjoy both creating and reading from, but it is another to attain it within 4 months since my first post.

This achievement has been a motivation, to say the very least.

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What we know as the video-sharing platform called Youtube began in 2005. 15 years after its birth, it has grown to be the go-to platform for a countless catalog of video content. From nursery rhymes videos for babies to impactful documentaries, it is almost impossible to not find something entertaining or education that suits your liking.

My first THREE videos

For me, I started browsing youtube the year after the platform was introduced and created an account thereafter. I didn’t upload any proper product review videos until February 7, 2018.

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Have you ever wondered how the images we capture can look so different even when they are taken in the same setting or with the same subject? Here’s a simple answer for that: light modifications.

Lighting is a variable that not only allows us to see our subject clearly, but it is also one that gives it shape in our cameras. In turn, to be able to manipulate it is also to enhance the various moods intended and construct an experience for those who are admiring your shots. It is how most people might find softly lit images much more…

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In a generation where social media thrives with the Internet, publishing videos online is no longer something limited to video-exclusive or streaming platforms like Youtube or Vimeo anymore. However, as much as such videos have become a universal language in the disguise of advertisement, information, and fun, for most of us on the great world wide web, the content and format for each of these social platforms are not as identical.

As such, for all of you looking for the perimeters to create your best piece of digital moving content, you have come just to the right place.

In regards…

Streaming platforms are no longer an added luxury —they’ve become a cultural necessity for the majority.

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Recent headlines indicate that the next chapter in the history of Hollywood is about to be written.

‘Mulan’ to skip theaters and premiere on Disney+.

Set to be released on September 4, this strategic move surprised many, as it was the first time such a huge movie title was released on a platform other than the cinema. But there indeed has been a rise in this new subscription-based platform spearheaded by two companies, NetFlix and Disney+.

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If you are frustrated that your photos just can’t seem to hit the standard you are looking for and have likely hit a plateau in your photography journey you’ve come to the correct article.

Here are my 6 reasons to help you shift your mindset and improve your skills.

1. You idolize your gear too much

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