Three things I learned presenting to Omnicom

I really enjoy presenting, I love sharing my passion for a topic to an audience. Last week I had the opportunity to present to an agency partner inside the Omnicom network on product marketing inside GE and the broader Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sector development.

I try and take a few key learnings from every situation. With that in mind, here are my three from presenting to a very talented group inside the Omnicom network.

1. Know the technology

I know it’s a simple one but it really is key to giving a successful presentation. I rocked up with a slimline Windows laptop, which is great for corporate America presentations but not great for offices running iOS’everything … and I even forgot a connector.

I ended up presenting from a snazzy Macbook which made all those beautiful images and text fonts not quite right.

Not the end of the world, but lesson learnt!

2. Know the audience

In marketing knowing the audience is key, there is no difference when giving presentations.

The audience varied from young Account Execs to Creative Directors, which made it tricky to pitch it at the right level of execution-able “how to get shit done” and high level strategic direction.

Pitching the content at the right level will always be part of the art of giving presentations, being confident to pivot at the last minute will have you successfully sailing through presentations.

3. Know the timing

I have to admit, I love talking about the Healthcare and Pharma Industry. It’s one of the last big industries to be disrupted by digital/ technology, and arguably, it is the most important industry (who doesn’t want great Healthcare?).

This usually means I talk a lot. I looked at my watch and 35 minutes had passed before I knew it, time to switch gears and turn this presentation into a conversation (or a fancy Q&A session).

A big thank you to those who attended and listened at the lunch and learn, I hope you found it useful!

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