What Would Joel Osteen Do?

The truth about all this controversy over Joel Osteen “closing the doors of his megachurch to the evacuees of Houston” is that it’s just more of the same fake news that the media has been spoon feeding everyone. The truth is Osteen’s Lakewood Church was under the same evacuation orders as everyone else. The bottom floor flooded. Osteen supposedly even called Houston officials to offer the second floor to those displaced and was told that there were enough shelters already available. More to the point, had Osteen ignored the evacuation orders and allowed people to seek shelter there, it is quite possible some would have been injured or worse when it flooded.

Let me say this before we get any further, I’m not a fan of Joel Osteen’s preaching, and I don’t think his theology lines up with scripture most of the time. However, I don’t hate Joel. I have listened to him sit with other church leaders and defend his methods first hand, and I can even understand why he says some of the things he says the way he says them. I certainly see the appeal of his preaching methods. I do however think, at his best, he misses the mark as a leader in the Church, and at his worst, he is spreading falsehoods in the name of Jesus (though, comparatively, he rarely mentions that name).

So why the fake news? Why is the media out to get Joel? They’re not. They’re out to get Christianity as a whole. The sad truth is that the very same media that’s hanging him out to dry (no pun intended) right now are the very ones that have built him up as the main representative of the faith in general.


He’s the one the large news networks go to when they have a faith issue to discuss or when they need a representative of the Christian population. He’s not the only one they use, but he’s probably the one they use most. As a result, sadly, many in this country when asked what Jesus would do, would look to Joel for an example. This isn’t by accident. The media and those that run it have made it a mission to discredit the Church. What better way to do that than to take a preacher who doesn’t adhere to scripture or most of the conservative beliefs that espouse Christianity, and make him the public face of the faith? Then, any time there’s an opportunity to make him look foolish or evil, they can jump on it and show the world what a joke Christians are and how we don’t line up with what we preach. Make no mistake. This isn’t the first time poor Joel has been in the crosshairs, and regardless of how much the Church may try to distance itself from him and his prosperity gospel, it’s being lumped right in with him.

Do you want to change that? GO BE THE CHURCH. Give the world a true face to put to the faith, and be above reproach. When we serve, teach, and LOVE the way Jesus does, then the truth will be evident and all the lies and imposters will lose their foothold in the public eye.

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