3 years and the girls still missing.

Waawu! April 14th,2014 Nigeria witnessed a shock as 276 girls were kidnapped. Tomorrow makes it 3 years since these girls have been kidnapped. Listening to kiss fm this morning and hearing from the Mouth piece of the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign, I can come to this conclusion:

The Government only works when they are pressurized too. The newspaper is a wonderful medium for lies, the truth and other narratives to be brought forth to the public and the government will keep on saying they are in Negotiations with the terrorists. They once said they were in negotiations for 83 girls to be released, lol I haven’t heard of any 83 girls released.

A problem in Nigeria is the fact that A Single Poor Life Doesn’t Matter, it’s a pity that the average American man can say “God Bless America” with a smiling or frowning face but in Nigeria , it is “Who Nigeria epp” which is true, I therefore put it to the Government Of Nigeria that they aren’t doing the Girls any favour by bringing them back but it is their right to have a normal life! . If the President Or Vice President Daughter were to be among the 195 girls left then we Know that more work will be done.

Our Government also lacks the ability to communicate, I cannot but imagine how the parents of these children feel everyday and yet our Government aren’t speaking to them. Lol I thought we had a Ministry for this.

……. I still wonder why our Government doesn’t do the right thing when they know the right thing……

Tomorrow the 14th day in the month of April, 2017 marks 3 years of bad news. It’s sad.


Osaro James.