Notes on growing up.

I’m turning 35 next month. 35 is the new 25, right? I think 25 used to be a coming of age marker, but now it seems some push it into 40 or maybe never? I’ve been working on what ‘grown’ or ‘growing’ up means to me at this stage in my life.

30. It means I like astrology and you don’t have to.

29. It means I send lots of links though not everyone wants them.

28. It means I control my body and mind and don’t want or ask anyone else to.

27. It means time feels like my most precious asset.

26. For me, it means building a home around love and celebration and life.

25. It means growing food and flowers and other little lifes.

24. It means keeping up with the times while deeply bowing to the past.

23. It means making lists.

22. It means taking longer deeper breaths.

21. It means wanting to inhale clean air.

20. It means wanting to lead and teach.

19. It means rolling with change.

18. It means accepting heartbreak as part of the journey.

17. It means loving myself.

16. It means caring for others.

15. It means making time for chores, gifts, and ‘thank you’ cards.

14. It means cooking.

13. It means being the best I can be.

12. It means learning from teachers, present and past.

11. It means envisioning a healthy world and doing my part.

10. It means staying connected to love as the source of truth and life.

9. It means letting people chart their own path.

8. It means laughing at myself.

7. It means water is my favorite beverage.

6. It means sleeping well to feel well.

5. It means giving thanks for all I’ve been given.

4. It means helping others to the extent I can.

3. It means sharing my good fortune.

2. It means dancing up a storm.

1. It means one more year behind me and {perhaps} one less ahead of me!

May we all find love, happiness, and joy in this life. What makes you a growing upper? xo

P.S. According to two of my wisest friends, it also means taking physical, fiscal, and emotional responsibility for yourself — ‘standing on your own two feet.’ Aho.

P.P.S. Another friend mentioned acting beyond oneself, and I would echo that with a sense of community and civic duty larger than oneself.