An (Unnecessary) Introduction from a New User — Warning: Contains Rambling

Well, here I am. Whilst I am not really the kind of person that you would expect to use such a platform to express their views in such a manner (I believe “blending in with the furniture” would be apt expression in this case), sometimes unemployment makes you evaluate such things.

First paragraph in, and I am already rambling - which happens surprisingly often, so just a little warning to whoever may stumble upon this little insight into my current thought process. I assure you, it will most certainly won’t be the last time that it happens.

Anyway, back to the reason as to why I am here. At this point of time it would probably be of some use that I provide myself with a creative outlet on certain matters, whilst ultimately helping me become accustomed to the idea of regularly blogging. Which is important considering my pursuit of a career in digital marketing, I suppose. After all, practice makes perfect right? Or in my case, it may just warp my bad habits into being a constant part of my writing style. If so, then go ahead and call me out on it! (I could probably use the feedback.)

Want to know a bit more about me? No? Don’t worry, I will make it quick. The brief synopsis of things is that I was born and raised in the deepest depths of the South Wales Valleys, managed to somehow get a BBC English accent as a result of my upbringing, graduated, made a few mistakes (one of them is relocating back to the local area post uni) and somehow keep making poor decisions when it comes in deliberating job offers. The long story is a bit more… complicated, to say the least. For which I will leave for another time (possibly). Anyway, here’s a picture of me in a penis costume!

Not one of my finest moments, I must admit.

Anyway, I suspect that this is enough for now. However as this introduction will attest to, you can at least look forward to some zany, quirky posts with the occasional dollop of interesting items that I have come across on my online travels and (*Gasp*) serious talk. But that’s for another day, for one I hope will come around soon.

Until then, adieu.