Ambassadors Circle

Did you have a great Moishe House experience? Do you want to make sure that others get the same experience you had?

Join Ambassadors Circle today!

Ambassadors Circle is Moishe House’s alumni only giving society for those in our community who have made the commitment to help sustain Moishe House’s future through a meaningful minimum monthly contribution of $15 per month (or $180/year).

Just as it takes a collective group of residents, community members, staff and friends of Moishe House to successfully implement the mission of our organization, it takes that same collective group of alumni to successfully sustain each of our houses and communities.

The Ambassadors Circle builds off of the notion of strength-in-numbers, where many members of a Moishe House Alumni community joining together and making a monthly gift of $15 per month (or $180/year) will make an enormously positive and powerful impact! You can fully direct your contribution, choosing from a number of projects and categories.

As an Ambassador Circle member you will enjoy exclusive perks such as priority access to Moishe House Learning & Leadership retreats and the Alumni Summit (coincides with Resident National Conference), invitations to special briefing calls with Moishe House executives and lay leaders.

On Monday, December 19th, CEO — David Cygielman and other Ambassador Circle members joined in for an Ambassador Circle exclusive WebEx where we delved into one of the five strategic themes for Moishe House in 2017: Research, Development & Innovation.

Wish you could have been a part of this WebEx? It’s not too late. Join Ambassadors Circle NOW and we will send you this recording as well as invite you to future calls. Don’t miss out!

SHOUT OUT to Moishe House Phoenix...

The ONLY MoHo to have ALL its alumni signed up for Ambassadors Circle!!! Thank you Avi Wolf, Adam Dobrusin, Jonny Basha, Blaine Light, Jared Light, Evan Fehler, and of course Murphy, the dog). This entire group made the commitment to support Moishe House by joining Ambassadors Circle. Show them you have ruach too, by getting your whole house to give back and become members of Ambassadors Circle.

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