Ode to a big brother

Growing up, my brother John and I couldn’t have been more different. For Christmas, he asked for basketballs and I asked for chemistry sets. Around eleven years old, when he was teaching me what a “ghost man on second” was, I wrote my first bit of malware that wiped out his computer.

When we were teenagers, I picked up the guitar and he started playing drums. From that point on, we were inseparable. We started a band, and then a rock venue.

Playing a show in Tennessee. John on drums, me on guitar and vocals.
The venue that we ran for five years got some coverage.

After making music together, we started working on ideas together. While we were both working tech support at the same company, he started designing and I got serious about web development. Our first major project together was called Choicr, and it was a site dedicated to crowd-sourced decision making.

Now defunct, but was a fun experience.

Since our bootstrapping days, we’ve both gotten professional about our hobbies. I’ve worked as a full-time developer for the last four years, and he has taken a company that I started for my freelance work, Blackairplane, and turned it into a successful design consultancy.

John at the original Blackairplane office in Acworth, Georgia

We’re currently working together on a project for professional designers called Slingshot that we’re very excited about. My older brother turns 33 today, and he’s still very much my hero. My dad’s continual prayer and encouragement for my siblings and I is that we will always stay close, and that has certainly been true for us.

There are not too many things more important than family, and I’m very thankful for mine.

John with his son Isaac, and beautiful wife, Rachel.