U.S. Pentecostals Strongly Support President Trump

Observations from “Fly-Over Country”

Kansas City — Today I spoke to thousands of pastors at the annual United Pentecostal Churches International (UPCI) Convention. UPCI represents 40,000 churches globally, and 4,700 churches and 10,200 pastors across North America.

Once I started speaking, it didn’t take long to sense the high level of support that these pastors have for President Trump and his “Make America Great Again” agenda. In my brief remarks, they gave four standing ovations and applauded enthusiastically when I mentioned how supportive the President and the Department of Homeland Security are of the many faith-based organizations that provide humanitarian relief during emergencies and natural disasters.

The atmosphere in the convention hall was electric. At times, it seemed more like an old-fashioned revival service than a denominational business meeting. It was clear during my remarks — and in the half-hour following, when pastors rushed to speak with me about their support for President Trump — that domestic and international events of recent months have strengthened support for the President among these faith-based voters.

The most striking thing during my time with these pastors was their sense that America is at a tipping point; that she will either die spiritually, culturally, and politically, or she will experience a Second Great Awakening that will usher in a new global movement of faith in Christ.

It was humbling to have them pray over me at the conclusion of my remarks, and to ask for the Lord’s wisdom upon President Trump as he navigates the stormy waters of statecraft in the days ahead.

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