Test Everything

I don’t think there’s any trick. It’s just a matter of looking at EVERYTHING objectively, and trying to improve every step of your sales process.

You start with the obvious things like a broken button, a site that loads too slowly, or a signup form that causes friction by asking for too much unnecessary info. Then move on to other things that can be improved with a little data.

Should I use this link or that? Should I have a video on my landing page? Should I upsell with $1500 Course A or $2500 Product B? Try to have less opinions, an open mind, and base your decisions on data. Test everything.

You will iterate your way to a winning, high performing sales funnel.

How can this be applied to your own situation?

Is your current job all you desire? Could you keep working at your job and start a small business in the evenings?

Could your freelancing proposals be improved? Maybe test them out with a video intro, more or less verbose, different project samples?

Have you hit a plateau with your productivity? Shake things up with a new morning routine, an accountability partner, a coach, or a mentor.

Experiment with things. 80% Do what works. 20% Experiment in life and business.

Test everything. Iterate. Improve.

You will iterate your way to a winning, high performing life.