How Does One Choose

I’m 27 years old, and by now I should know what I want to do with my life. Things that I do know I want to do/be:

A mother  I’m already one.

A parter — I’m currently that, too.

A writer — I’m trying to be that more.

A student — Just started school again.

A professional — But what kind?

How does one decide what they’re going to do/become professionally? Is there really any algorithm to figure it out? I have no idea what I want to do with my life, and only the notion that I’m going to have to do something, eventually.

Bartending is great, it’s fun, good money for now, but I cannot do it forever. Being a student is something I used to be and have become again. Yes, throughout life, one continues to learn. The educational journey never really ends when each life experience teaches some kind of lesson. However, I cannot be a professional student. Although, if I could afford it, I certainly would.

A partner and a mother, two occupations that will be correlated with whatever professional path I end up choosing. Those two titles I not only have to be, but want to be. Unfortunately, the hours are tough, everyday is overtime, and the pay is only in emotional and sentimental gains.

A writer, the dream that every person with extreme thoughts has. If someone thinks of an idea, word, phrase, narrative, lie — and thinks “wow, I have to write that down.” Congratulations, the first step to being a writer is thinking to write you’re ideas down. Essentially, the first step to being a writer is being a thinker. I overthink everything, sometimes think too many things, and sometimes don’t think of enough things. But, when I do think of all these different things, my first thought is to write them down. I write for school, I write for myself, I write for you, and here and there I write for my job.

So here I am, writing another random mess of mumble jumble. Working on a degree with the only foreseen direction of achieving said degree. Not sure which professional path to take. I work well with others and I love working alone. I like to teach and guide; I love to learn. I’m a social “people” person with a secret passion for being an introvert. Maybe all of those perceptions are what only I see, maybe they’re what everyone else sees in me. I don’t know the difference. All I can focus on is how do I choose one direction when I’m capable of so many? Already a jack of all trades. Communications, English, Foreign Language. How does one decide? How would you decide?

Feel free to comment with your ideas and suggestions below. Seriously, I’m reaching out and would love some feedback. After all, you’re my audience and I am always inspired by your achievements and inspirations.❤️