When is enough, enough?

Most people throughout their lives have had some form of job involving dealing with the public. If you haven’t… you’re one lucky SOAB! My question for you is… When is enough, enough?

Currently, I bartend at a local restaurant in my hometown. The customers that come into my work are self-entitled and border-line abusive.

For example, my customers ALL play keno. If you are not aware what keno is, it’s a game through the lottery that people pick numbers, gamble money, and the games run every two minutes. I have watched some people take devastating losses, and I mean A LOT of money, and I have witnessed a few winnings too.

So not only am I required to make the bar and restaurants drinks, take food orders, deliver food to my customers, cater to all of their needs, and answer the phone, I also have to run several keno slips repetitively. And if I do not get their keno in on time, I get scolded by them.

I’m not sure what it is about people in this town, they are so bored, they search for things to complain about.

Today one of the regular customers ordered a small pizza with 5 toppings on it and it took exactly 20 minutes to make/cook (I checked the ticket), and when I finally bought it to him he yelled “Thank FUCKING God! That took too long.” It usually takes about 15 minutes, but because of all the toppings it took a little longer.

Seriously though? Like no dude, you ordered a pizza with five toppings on it; it needed to cook that long. Or just let me serve you raw pizza so you can call me and yell at me about that too. And who are you yelling at? I legitimately have no control over how fast that pizza cooks in the oven.

It would be one thing if it was the first time this happened with this customer, but its NOT and I’m 95% sure it will happen again. Also, our pizza is delicious. I would wait 20 minutes for one.

Those are just two examples, there have been worse and unnecessary ones, but in light of enjoying my job I will not be posting them here.

I just don’t understand this breed of people, they are all middle aged adults who take temper tantrums similar to toddlers. And their temper tantrums are directed at the person catering to them. So again I ask you, when is enough, enough?

When does ones love for dealing with the public completely deteriorate completely because of nasty experiences? I love my job, I love my boss, and I love and care about the well being of ALL of my customers, EVEN the shitty ones. However, sometimes they are borderline verbally abusive, and it makes me feel discouraged to go to work somedays.

I don’t think that is fair because all I ever try to do is make them happy, make sure their keno is in, make sure they have a full belly and a full beer. I’m actually really good at my job and I thrive off of all the multitasking, the multitasking isn’t my struggle. What bothers me is the fact that some of the customers have no patience for me, meanwhile, I wait on them for hours, sometimes even full shifts.

How do you suppose they show their appreciation for my hospitality? They wait for me to go to the bathroom or run in the kitchen, so they can chug their beer and complain about how they waited (not even two minutes) for a beverage. They’re a tough crowd, and not many employees last long enough because of dealing with them.

I guess that is just the nature of the game in the service industry, but why should I go out of my way to make people happy when they aren’t even nice to me? Sometimes I have such a frustrating night at work that I lie in bed after and can’t fall asleep… like right now. Enough is enough.