fame (no order)

rapper’s publicist emails you back

personal gmail of public radio personality

talking about a topic on your local Fox News affiliate

going on vh1 to quip about a decade you “love”

throwing away someone’s galley

wikipedia page

goodreads quote

“sitting courtside” or going to see hamilton

if you tweet about a product the brand will send you a case of it

free casper mattress

nobody making a joke when you wear a hat

deleting an email from fashion GPS radar

having > 2 friends who have slept with celebrities

when they historicize the details of your particular era’s creative scene, your home is mentioned as a kind of crossroads or salon for the prominent figures of the day

writer girlfriend of male writer who committed suicide

appearing untagged on hilton als’ instagram

when you refer to a famous friend by their first name, the interviewer adds their last name in brackets (ran into my friend miranda [july] at the farmer’s market)

non-drug related burner phone

someone takes a picture of you sleeping on an airplane

inadvertently stealing attention from the bride when you are a guest at her wedding

rapper emails you back directly

honorary doctorate

signed picture on wall above booth at italian restaurant

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