I have been very lucky that getting work I like has not been a problem. I’m probably working at an 85% acceptance rate with pitches of my own making, and then I turn down a lot of interesting work that people offer me for sheer lack of hours in the day. I think this situation comes from me having a a few pretty clear wheelhouses both interest and voice-wise. I think it helps to carve out your own corner of the market that few other people are filling well, and then you don’t have to do too much work you don’t want to do. Plus, I think having good relationships with your editors is helpful. I only write regularly for maybe 3 or 4 people, so if I have an idea I can almost always find someone to take it. I think editors play favorites in the sense that it’s easier for them to give work to someone they’ve already worked with before successfully. A lot of doing the work you want to do is getting your foot in the door and forming a trusting working relationship with someone who can pay you for it. I would take a part time job before I did an assignment I didn’t really care about.

    Jamie Lauren Keiles

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