one tip for working from home

You will get a lot of writing done if you put on work boots with laces. You don’t have to change out of pajamas or into a shirt and tie or anything like that — just put on the boots with whatever you are wearing. Provided you sometimes wear the work boots for non-computer work, the soles will be dirty, and this will maybe dissuade you from traipsing aimlessly from room to room, tracking dirt from the fridge to the bathroom to the fridge. Sneakers will work okay in a pinch, but in general the sneaker is too easily removed. (The at-home worker can slip them off very effortlessly without untying, and soon she’ll be setting another alarm for another forty-minute twenty-minute nap.) Lace-up hiking boots prevent accidental backsliding into shoeless, non-work activities like lying on the couch or “stretching” or masturbating face down on the bed in the middle of the day. (Unless masturbating with work boots on is your fetish, in which case you are fucked, and should find a spouse with enough income to support your erratic creative practice and poor work habits.) (All work-from-home creatives should find rich partners, but in the meantime, the work boots might help. They support the ankles and an improved creative practice. They’re designed for work.)