Lead Rocket 2.0 Review

WP Lead Rocket version 2.0 for your WordPress self-hosted blog is bringing the goods to the table with full customization, and a simple, user friendly interface.

It’s an cost-effective way to create opt-in pages, promo pages, static sales pages, point-of-sale pages and Video Sales Letter (VSL) pages in a jiffy. When you pop the hood you’ll find that it’s significantly more powerful than the 1.0 version that first sold in September of 2012.

The vastly improved LR 2.0 obviously integrates with the WordPress CMS platform which understandably gives Lead Rocket 2.0 an incredible user-friendly experience and gives the user all they’ll need at their disposal to craft stunning promotion pages.

The WordPress Lead Rocket plugin was originally created by “Underground Marketers” Anthony Aires and Derek Perice at a time when there wasn’t a low-cost alternative on the market that created a professional looking opt-in page like the more costly page creators did. Normally, web page building software that requires no knowledge of code language, carries an entry level price of around $300. So WP Lead Rocket 1.0 was a beginner marketer’s dream-come-true in terms of quality and price point.

I’ve been using WP Lead Rocket for the past 3 years and in this video I’ll show you examples of the variety of pages I’ve personally created with LR 1.0 and LR 2.0 so you can get a feel for what this can do for you and your business. Also you’ll get to see the level of quality that’s built into the new version of WP Lead Rocket and what It’s able to produce.


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Get Lead Rocket 1.0 Here: http:// snap-it-up-quick.com/get-lead-rocket-1

Get Lead Rocket 2.0 Here: http://snap-it-up-quick.com/wp-lead-rocket-2