Time to get involved

I have always been interested in politics. When I was much younger one of my party tricks was being able to recite the cabinet of the day; Tory sadly. Since then I have been involved in arm chair commentating like most people. The problem with that is that all it involves is moaning and not enough doing. Therefore just under a year ago I joined the Labour Party. But the problem with this was that I did the same thing; only this time with a party member card in my wallet.

I joined because I have always believed in social progress. I hate the status quo mind set in this country that tells us not to seek change. No political party is perfect, but the Labour Party to me represents the best vehicle towards change. I probably became most politically self aware in 1997 when Tony Blair came to power and although he went on to do some stupid things and his revolution of change ended with him, he did show the way to something beyond the Conservatives. It is this that I still believe in.

Fast forward to now. May has called a snap election, putting most people on the back foot. Now was my time to sit up. I went to my first political meeting last Thursday and still feel driven by the meeting’s energy.

In Newbury we have a steep slope to climb, a majority of over 26,000 people. Can Labour win in Newbury this time? Who knows but I am willing to try. Can Labour win in Newbury in 5 years time? Why not?

There is a definite thirst out there for change, for progress, for proper representation of the people. Richard Benyon to me represents everything wrong with the establishment. He is the richest MP in Parliament. He may have supported a lot of people, I am not going to deny him that, but is he representative of Newbury? I don’t think so. I have lived in Newbury all my life. Newbury is now a diverse town, an area that suffers like a lot of the country. An area where food banks have to support community members. Richard Benyon is not a man who understands that. Thereasa May is not a woman who understands that.

I am voting Labour because they can represent the Newbury, and the country, that I live in. Alex Skirvin is the man in Newbury to do this.

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