Where Will Technology Lead Us?

I often think about the future and where we are going as a society.

Looking back it’s easy to connect the dots and see how things fell into place or caused a domino effect on culture, the iPhone’s release and everything it packed into that little device for example.

I’m quite fascinated as to whether or not we are within a simulation or not and what that means going forwards, as technology grows and develops not only as an entity but as part of us. Cyborgs are not something of a dystopian future, I’d argue that we are somewhat already there.

If you take our constant use of screens to display and visualize data, you’ll see that we constantly are looking at them - either in the form of a smartphone, a smartwatch, laptop, computer monitor, TV etc. We are always using them and are so much smarter for it, just think about how quick you can google something with one of these devices and have that knowledge instantly at hand. Just over 15 years ago that was considerably harder and you may have needed an encyclopedia, telephone book or a visit to the library.

Even then you may not have got the most accurate of answers!

With the inclusion of voice assistants such as the Google Home and Amazon Alexa now becoming part of our day-to-day activities, we are starting to not only use our eyes to receive information but our ears too.

As our senses get adapted to the new blast of information that hits us, we begin to reach a new level of ‘normal’, and can’t quite go back to life without that piece of tech.

If you had your ‘smartphone’ taken away today you’d probably be a whole lot dumber.

Imagine trying to get across the country in a car without a smartphone or satnav helping plot the best route to avoid traffic.

How would your career be impacted if you were to not use your smartphone or laptop to learn and adapt to new strategies or methods within your industry? I’m sure you’d find yourself a much less viable candidate within a few months.

So what happens when we reach the next stage of having these computers not only in our pockets but within us? No more looking at screens but the ability to have knowledge appearing as a thought instantaneously?

Because I’m sure that’s where we are going.

There could be a future where we shall live with a version of Google in our heads and become geniuses in seconds, or we could become a cyborg in a slightly different way…

One where we shall take technology and build our own paradise.

As we look back at the past 30 years we can see how video games have developed from two moving lines and a ball (Pong) to 8-bit Super Mario to Halo and the new Red Dead Redemption game. The progress is immense and begs the question — what next?

We’ve seen virtual reality headsets come and go over that time but as we continue to develop this tech, at some point it’s going to arrive at a place where we would struggle to differentiate it from real life and computer-generated graphics.

When that happens and we can plug ourselves into that game and not be able to distinguish that fabricated universe from our grounded reality what then would make you stay in the harsh world?

Would you want to spend most of your time in that simulation?

This is something that Elon Musk has stated many times before, he believes we may be within a simulation and you can’t necessarily disagree with him unless you have proof about how the universe exists.

Whilst it’s practically impossible to prove either of these theories the video game and CGI development does lend itself well to Elon’s theory being plausible, as we have certainly seen that shift over the past few decades.

But what happens if we do get to a point as a society where a better universe, personalized and shaped just for you exists, would you disappear within the Matrix?

Even if you decided that you wouldn’t want to leave this world despite such technology now existing, who is to say that you’re not in an even more advanced simulation?

Just like the 2010 movie Inception, it could go on and on, layer after layer after simulation after simulation.

You could never really quite know if you were who you thought you were and if anything ever existed at all.