The Last of Us Part II spoiler review. (And spoilers for the first game too.) You have been warned.

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Ellie, The Last of Us Part II

Like anything that is released in the age of the internet, people’s opinions on a piece of media can mostly be boiled down to one issue. It won’t come as a surprise that one of the issues that some have taken against is the death of Joel. In many ways, Joel was the protagonist of the first Last of Us game. …

There’s a misnomer pushed by highly driven people that to be successful you have to ‘hustle.’ “Run your own business and, if you love it enough, you’ll never work a day in your life.” But I’m here to semi-bust that myth. My experiences will not align with everyones, but hopefully, maybe, it might help someone who is going through the same stuff that I have. I’m sorry if this comes across as self-indulgent.

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I left University in 2013 with a degree in Film Production. …

I wrote this as part of my job as a Technical Specialist in Esports Broadcasting at Staffordshire University London, to highlight the work I did for the Virtual Open day on the 4th April. Please enjoy.

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Working from home has become the norm for most of the UK due to COVID-19, and we’ve all had to adjust to not being able to work from, well work. Universities need students and one of the main ways we recruit students is by holding Open Days. But you can’t do an Open Day if there’s no access to campus, right? At Staffordshire University we disagree. As soon as we knew that an in-person Open Day wasn’t going to be possible, we began transitioning to a Virtual Open Day. This was two weeks ago.

At Staffordshire University London, a satellite campus based in East London, we were fortunate to be the third campus to host our Open Day (behind the Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent campuses.) The problem we had was that the shutdown of the campus was imminent, and the situation was changing quickly. We were set the task of fleshing out the Open Day on a Monday, and the campus was, unbeknownst to us until that afternoon, to close on that Thursday. I knew we had to plan, film, and collect all the content as soon as possible before the inevitable happened. …


Jamie Sergeant

I’m Interested in the intersection of Art, Media and Technology. I also write screenplays, hence the sporadical post schedule. (sorry)

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