The Last of Us Part II spoiler review. (And spoilers for the first game too.) You have been warned.

Ellie, The Last of Us Part II

There’s a misnomer pushed by highly driven people that to be successful you have to ‘hustle.’ “Run your own business and, if you love it enough, you’ll never work a day in your life.” But I’m here to semi-bust that myth. My experiences will not align with everyones, but hopefully, maybe, it might help someone who is going through the same stuff that I have. I’m sorry if this comes across as self-indulgent.

I wrote this as part of my job as a Technical Specialist in Esports Broadcasting at Staffordshire University London, to highlight the work I did for the Virtual Open day on the 4th April. Please enjoy.

How many times do you leave your phone at home? I’m imagining not often. It’s becoming increasingly important to use digital tools like phones and computers in day to day life. But what if you’d not only grown up not having a smartphone, like I had, but had never owned a computer device until you were well into adulthood. Well, this is the situation that many people find themselves in, especially people over 70. People like my Grandparents.

The movie video essay has become boring. The YouTube genre popularised by the now abandoned ‘Every Frame a Painting’ channel, has become stale. You know the videos; slow male voice stressing certain words to add some gravitas to what is being said, onscreen graphics that ease in and out onto brightly coloured backgrounds, and chill hop music in the background. But one Movie essayists has broken from this convention and created something so fresh and unique it can’t be replicated.

Jamie Sergeant

I’m Interested in the intersection of Art, Media and Technology. I also write screenplays, hence the sporadical post schedule. (sorry)

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