Kevin Feige now holds the power at Marvel and Disney.

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Kevin Feige now holds the power at Marvel and Disney. The architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has been given the keys to the whole Marvel empire. In 2015, Marvel Studios, the movie production arm of Marvel, was moved to be under Walt Disney Studios away from Marvel Entertainment, due to disagreements between the direction of the MCU and the increasing budgets of the films with Marvel’s executive team. At that point, Feige had more than proved himself with the roster of films he had produced, and so it was a sure bet for Disney to give him autonomy.

But now, Feige has come full circle with his appointment to chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment. What does this mean for Marvel as a whole? He will now be able to steer the overall direction of Marvel’s roster of characters, and it means that Marvel Entertainment bosses now report to Feige. This will give him more control over everything Marvel creates, from Comics to movies and TV shows.

Marvel Television, which remained a part of Marvel Entertainment will be folded into Marvel Studios and allow the television and Film franchises to become more interconnected. For years, Marvel Television has paid lip service to the films, yet the films have mostly ignored the events of shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Agents of Shield. The Marvel TV shows that will be streamed on Disney+ are already produced under the Marvel Studios banner, so it’s a natural progression for the rest of the TV roster to follow.

Kevin Feige is now one of the most influential creatives at Disney right now. Not only does he have overall power at Marvel, but Feige is also developing a new Star Wars film, which will no doubt increase his influence over another behemoth film franchise. It’s safe to say, Disney trusts Feige, and who can blame them? Marvel Studios has produced multiple billion-dollar grossing movies and holds the crown of the most profitable film of all time. It would be reckless for Disney not to give Feige more power.

There’s an easy comparison to be made between Thanos (the big bad from Avengers Infinity War and Endgame) and Feige. He’s collecting all the franchises like Thanos collected infinity stones. This comparison is unfair as Feige has proven he’s a strong leader, but he’s only been as successful as he has by collaborating with unique voices. He, like every great film producer before him, understands that it takes a village to make a film and that his job is to help guide the movies, but still allow creative talent to do their jobs. Hopefully, this ethos will continue, and he will help lead the whole of Marvel to greater things. Plus, I’m sure Feige doesn’t want to wipe out half the universe… we can only hope.

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