What are LG ThinQ-ing?

LG was first to announce their 2020 line up of consumer gadgets at CES this year. There was the usual slew of OLED and LCD TVs, washing machines, fridges, and a… wine cellar (weird flex, but ok.) One thing that did catch my eye is the inclusion of the ThinQ branding on most products. According to LG, the ThinQ moniker is attached to any of their products which happen to have a smart feature, this could mean the product uses AI to intelligently wash your clothes, you could get notifications from your fridge when you’re out of hummus, or it knows when you want to get wine drunk and makes sure that bottle of Chardonnay you were saving for a special occasion is at the right temperature. I suppose this makes sense, eventually, every appliance will be part of ‘the smart home,’ I just believe that having the ThinQ branding front and centre is not needed.

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Take the LG G8 ThinQ is an LG smartphone, which as a product is as far away from a household appliance you can get. What connects these two products other than “smart” features? For instance, the phone has a smart camera, the washing machine has a smart washing cycle and other than that there’s not much that connects the two other than the broad title of ‘Machine Learning.’ I’m not against LG from adding smart features to their products, it’s more to do with the brand itself. The ThinQ name is clunky and makes the names of LG’s products unwieldy. The thing is, LG already has a strong brand with its Signature Line. Signiture is about quality, and this makes sense as the word already has the connotations they want to portray. ThinQ doesn’t have the same…

Oh, wait… ThinQ… Thin-Q… Think… ugh, I’m not sure if that makes the name better or worse. LG, drop the ThinQ, it’s not needed.

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