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We all know that the growth of the use of communication media is very fast growing in the world. That makes the telecommunications market grow very fast, the need for domestic and roaming communication that connects countries is a concern that is needed by us now. For this reason, there is now an update to the world telecommunications market that we call Miracle Tele. This change comes with blockchain technology over the Ethereum network that we know has a very strong market.

Miracle Tele block will be built using either Ether based solutions such as Plasma and Sharding technologies or Graphene protocol. It will allow for the Bitcoin blockchain transaction standard or the Ethereum blockchain standard.

Tokenization of the company’s assets, which are virtual but tangible resources such as mobile traffic and airtime, will ensure the stable growth of TELE token value and protect it from the market shocks and volatility as well as let us issue prepaid debit cards that will support both TELE tokens and other cryptocurrencies and will be available for use all over the world.

Miracle Tele will be a comprehensive cross-industry product that provides
its customers are easy and effective means to use sophisticated communications sophisticated financial tools and services all in one place, following global trends for digitizing and decentralizing the most important aspects of our daily lives.


Like most large companies in the world, Miracle Tele has a big vision that will underpin the growth of their platform. Miracle Tele wants to grow together with the world and tends to change the needs of telecommunications customers by offering them increased privacy, lack of bureaucracy, reduced tariffs, and value-added services and freedom of access to financial tools through all blockchain in one place.

Miracle Tele offers a primary and fully functional solution that combines advanced telco features along with fintech devices, Miracle Tele sets a new standard in the cellular telecommunications industry — making it more competitive and innovative — and allows customers to receive gifts thanks to blockchain technology and collaborative economics.

Tele Token

Miracle Tele also offers customers a digital tool supported by a blockchain that allows tokenize their assets using TELE tokens and receive biweekly prizes as well as real telecommunication services that enable telephone clients and browse in more than 160 countries around the world with lower levels of the world. and maintain the right to privacy.

TELE are ERC20 utility tokens that are issued via Ethereum blockchain that our project is powered by and serves as the Cornerstone of Miracle Tele, letting our customers to receive their biweekly tokens rewards.

Community base token

Purchase token

Token price chart

Token Distribution

Token Sale

I believe that the development of the telecommunications market will never run out, therefore supporting and investing in the Miracle Tele project is one of the right ways to support the development of the world telecommunications.

Miracle Team



This project is very interesting, if you want to find out more information or you have questions regarding the Miracle Tele project and platform, you can join our social media update:

Website : https://miracletele.com/

Whitepaper : https://miracletele.com/files/whitepaper.pdf

Lightpaper : https://miracletele.com/files/lightpaper.pdf

Telegram : https://t.me/miracletelecom

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MiracleTele/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/MiracleTelecom

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/miracletele/


This article is created for potential rewards from Miracle Tele bounty campaign. The Bitcointalk profile of the writer of this article is Father Bitcoin and wallet address : 0x627aB84b495ECfc5Ad7f2DbF1a58ba174Ee56F68

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