It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

“Antonin Scalia said that Blacks ‘should go to slower schools.’ This is a US Supreme Court Justice, folks.” — see, this is a great example of why people are sick of hearing about this. It is completely disingenuous and misleading. It is completely out of context and contrary to Scalia’s meaning when he said it.

This discussion was is reference to Affirmative Action. He said that it doesn’t make sense to accept someone into a university based on the color of their skin if they do not meet the academic requirements established by the university. Doing so puts the student who is not academically ready at a disadvantage. This disadvantage could be detrimental to the student, who might otherwise enjoy more success at a University whose rigor and path to advancement is more suited to the student.

But that truth doesn’t fit the story that the author wants to tell, so it is simply omitted. Tell me, is it so impossible to find examples of actual racism that the author needs to invent them? Or is it that the author simply didn’t want to take the time to understand the context of Justice Scalia’s words prior to attributing racists labels on it, becasue it is easy, it’s convenient, and Scalia is an easy target? I am going to go with the latter.

When people see this kind of manipulation, they begin to doubt the motives of people who are constantly talking about race. Is it really an end to racism that is the objective? Or is it just another method, another market, another avenue to generate revenue. “Make everything about race” is only a problem when these kinds of manipulations continue to take place and undermine the credibility of the people who are making it about race. Don’t make stuff up, it isn’t necessary.

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