Not Just a Deejay

We sat down at a table with zero expectations. He was ready to tell me whatever I wanted. I was distracted because my caramel was dripping down the outside of my coffee cup. But I redirected by attention because this story is not about me, it is about the guy sitting across the table from me. This man is Jordan Alamat. You have to be intentional if you want a word with this dime.

Alamat is easy to spot with his trendy haircut, skinny jeans and basketball jersey. Alamat’s close friend and freshman year roommate, Nathan Alsdurf, says, “Jordan is super sexy and has a great style.” You can pick Alamat out of a crowd but not just because of his style.

Alsdurf talked about the kind of heart Alamat has, “He is the most giving and generous guy I know. He’s super caring and intelligent, is incredibly outspoken but in the most enduring way.”

Alamat attends Bethel and is graduating this spring. He was recently hired to be on the Dave Ryan in the Morning radio station for KDWB. Alamat was an intern at the radio station but he didn’t like what his identity had become while being apart of the industry.

“I took six months off the show so that I could re-evaluate to see if I wanted to be on KDWB,” Alamat reveals. He goes on to say, “Intern Jordan was a partier and an idiot but I’ve been sober for eight months.” Alamat is a humble example of how there is more to what the eye can see. He has plans to return to the show after graduation.

“I get good grades but people don’t see that,” Alamat says. “I want to be on the radio and sound smart, I have more to offer then all the crap I pretended to be when I was Intern Jordan.”

If he could, he would spend all of his free time making and producing music. Alamat says it’s a way to express himself and give meaning to his experiences. What wakes him up in the morning are the obligations that come with life. School, work and expectations from people have Alamat drowning, but those things or people will never take him down.

Alsdurf said that Alamat was the only guy he knew that could pull off the jersey over the sweatshirt and skinny jeans with anything. Alsdurf chuckles, “The first thing I ever heard him say was ‘swag’.”

Alamat and Alsdurf ended their time with me reminiscing about their first memories of core group. “At every dance that Jordan deejay’s, I go pick him up and we dance to All About You by Hilary Duff,” Alsdurf exclaims.

When Alamat deejay’s, he goes in with an open mind. He plays whatever comes to him. “I go in clean and I’m like okay lets do it.” Alamat plays what he feels. He doesn’t use a playlist, “I go with the vibe I get from the people listening. When I’m deejaying, I’m three or four songs ahead on where I want to go.”

Alamat is a driven individual with goals and hope for a successful future and there is no doubt he will take over wherever he ends up.

Alamat can be defined with an abundance of words but some people chose to describe him solely as a deejay. “I don’t come around Bethel that much anymore because people think I’m suppose to be this kind of person or that kind of person and I don’t want to contribute to the “fakeness” of Bethel,” Alamat firmly states. “There is a lot going on a Bethel and there are preconceived notions about me, but I’m not what people say,”. There is always more to an individual than one word.

If people wanted to, they could put a label on Alamat and call him a deejay, a marketing major or a student at Bethel University. But, no, Jordan is a human and a unique individual who is captivated by The Lord and smitten by his girlfriend Josett.

While talking with Alamat, he made clear his feelings and his views on certain issues. He is an individual and does life differently. People are drawn to him. “I just want to be myself without people making assumptions of who I am, or who I am suppose to be,” Alamat says.

Alamat is a deejay and he does produce music, but he works hard and is intelligent. While speaking with him I learned he is much more than a deejay, and the Bethel community should take note of how he sees life.

“Are you happy?” I asked him. “Yes, I’m very happy,” Alamat responded. “Why?” “Because of my girlfriend.” Alamat grins, “She’s really supportive in what I pursue and a lot of people don’t get deejaying, so I like having someone behind me and making me feel like I can do it.”

Alamat continues saying, “Hanging out with her makes me forget about all the other things I have to do. We don’t stop talking. I can be Jordan, I don’t have to be Intern Jordan or a deejay.”

If you are looking to slip in a word with Jordan Alamat, drop by the radio station, endure a jaunt to Burnsville, MN or find Mike Barton because Alamat is probably “veggin” with him. He spends most of his time making music, and impacting people with just a few words. He is more than anyone thinks he is, but aren’t we all?

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