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2018 has already been busy for us here at Jammber HQ! We’ve been working on a couple new products and a ton of updates in Bridge to provide our clients a more holistic solution for managing all their creative projects.

One update we’re most excited to announce is our Jammber API! At Jammber, we believe creativity is a powerful tool and we believe in the power of teams to enhance creativity. Our vision has always been to provide creative teams with technology that allows them to easily share their brilliance with the world.

It’s not a secret that there are…

By: Sierra Carter, Culture Lead

Hip-hop is said to be the most collaborative music genre and the most popular music genre in America (backed by our data partner Nielsen). With hip-hop music at the forefront of consumers’ minds, it’s safe to say there is a trend with the records that hit the top of the Billboard charts; songs that are the result of many creatives collaborating.

The Influence of Old-School Hip-Hop

When we talk collaboration in hip-hop, it dates back to when Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh collaborated on “La Di Da Di, we like to party!”

Puff Daddy and Bad Boy then took…

By: Kelly Myers, Client Experience Specialist

When it comes to the music industry, producers are some of the most influential people in the lifecycle of a musical project. From mixing beats to helping a vision become a product, they are part of the mechanics behind some incredible music. An underrated topic when it comes to music producers is the lack of diversity that embodies them. While they range greatly in culture and ethnicity, men have been spotlighted far more than women when it comes to their role as producer. Even though the reason for this is controversial, women deserve to…

By: Rachel Tripp, Regional Community Outreach Lead at Jammber

GRAMMY season is here and we are just a week away from one of my favorite nights in music and television. The music industry anxiously waits for November to see the list of GRAMMY nominees and then it all leads up to glitz, glam and extravagant performances. Of course, I love the performances and seeing who wins the awards, but I wonder if viewers ever wonder about the teams and technology that help them gain those nominees and golden trumpets?

Talk Indie To Me

Nominees at the Grammy’s fall into two categories: Major Label Artists…

By: Kate Brazier, Marketing and Operations Coordinator at Jammber

Have you ever wondered what makes a Billboard Hot 100 track a chart topper? Is it the catchy lyrics, or maybe the beat that has you dancing in your car on your drive to work. I find myself thinking about this a lot. Which leads me to start thinking about everyone involved in the process of getting this song published and noticed by the Hot 100 curators.

There are composers, producers, engineers, songwriters, mixers and of course the recording artist/band. All of these roles play a crucial role in the creation…

By: Kelly Myers, Client Experience Specialist at Jammber

It’s no surprise that technology influences the way industries evolve, but when it comes to music the impact it has on artists and collaborators deserves our attention. With technology, going from analog to digital has made creating and sharing files faster, and software like Logic and Pro Tools help people create high quality content faster. From the way projects are produced to assigning proper credit and payment to creators, technology is the driving force that’s making positive changes in the music industry.

So What’s The Problem?

Even though technology has a powerful impact on music from…

By: Sierra Carter, Head of HR & Ryan Shand, General Manager

At Jammber, we use the adjective “Jammberesque” as the way we describe our company culture. Jammberesque is the perfect way of describing our company’s personality a.k.a. our culture because it’s the epitome and swagger of a Jammberite (Jammber Employee). Culture is extremely important to our organization. Everything we do is the Jammber Way — from the way we track analytics, meet with clients, complete our daily responsibilities and bond as a team.

The Jammberites in Nashville

Striving to be the best place to work and having a positive company culture starts with the…

Why you’re probably not being paid what you should be

By: Phil Haymes

It’s a new world and times are changing faster than ever before.

As we step further into this new millennium, our reliance on data grows exponentially. We truly are entering the “Data-Age” and we see exponential growth in the amount of data that the human race creates. It’s actually quite staggering when you think about it, the size of our digital data across the planet doubles every two years. That means, in 2019 there will be double the total amount of data than currently exists across the…

By: Hannah Lewandowski, Marketing Intern

While the summer season brings us warmer weather and longer days, it also brings my favorite time of year with it: music festival season. Thanks to millennial’s, such as myself, music festivals have become a popular fad of the music industry that continues to grow at a rapid pace, with no signs of slowing down. When an industry or fad grows, the tech seems to follow. Music festivals have some new trends this year that include more than just the breakout artists of the year.

I have loved music of all genres for as long…

By: Rachel Tripp & Sedina Tsikata, Community Outreach Coordinator & CXE Specialist

To be successful in life you must have goals and then decide how determined you are to make those goals a reality. You find a cause or mission and then set goals to stay determined to make a difference or be a “game-changer” in the space or industry. Companies start with an idea, that grows and flourishes based off of a collective and powerful mission. Every individual or company goal should have a positive impact or be powered by a great cause. Commitment to your goals will give…


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