Hip-Hop: Collaboration WITHOUT Borders

By: Sierra Carter, Culture Lead

Hip-hop is said to be the most collaborative music genre and the most popular music genre in America (backed by our data partner Nielsen). With hip-hop music at the forefront of consumers’ minds, it’s safe to say there is a trend with the records that hit the top of the Billboard charts; songs that are the result of many creatives collaborating.

The Influence of Old-School Hip-Hop

When we talk collaboration in hip-hop, it dates back to when Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh collaborated on “La Di Da Di, we like to party!”

Puff Daddy and Bad Boy then took collaboration to a different level in the 90s, when Sean “Puffy” Combs put some of the most elite urban artists together on records. Combs cultivated a unique listening experience simply by putting the right creatives in the same room at the same time and letting them vibe out.

Biggie’s album Ready to Die is another great example of an album that has multiple layers of collaboration. The album has countless examples of collaboration from backing vocals, features and even production collaboration with the use of sounds from eight different producers.

Image: Genius

Ready to Die also features samples from 90s hip-hop songs by Kool G Rap & DJ Polo and Grand Puba. Samples are extremely popular in hip-hop. Sampled beats are a form of collaboration that is often overlooked. A creative gets inspired by a sound, phrase, or a great record in general that a creative has already published. After getting the sample cleared by the originator, another record is crafted and released with a brand new style and vibe.

Collaboration Today

Collaboration in music has proved to be beneficial for everyone involved. Gaining exposure, expanding into other genres/markets, and even gaining knowledge and experience are just a few of the benefits of creatives collaborating organically.

DJ Khaled’s top hits are no surprise to anyone these days; he dominates radio, the music charts and even Snapchat, all by producing records that are a result of some of the biggest artists today collaborating! Forbes calls him the master collaborator because he has records with Jay-Z, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Chance The Rapper… the list goes on.

Image: Buzzfeed

Chance The Rapper has a really cool technique for collaboration that pays homage to his hometown Chicago by introducing artists and choirs from his city to his massive fan base. On Chance’s mixtape Acid Raps, he partnered with Chicago native NoName Gypsy and on his latest album Coloring Book, he collaborated with Kanye West (Chi-Town reppin’) and The Chicago Children’s choir. Collaborating exposed these children to a huge platform at such an early age! The impact of that alone has the ability to change the lives of all of the children in that choir and exposes Chance’s fan base to other styles of music.

Image: Chicago Tribune

Technology that ENHANCES Collaboration Today!

Collaboration without borders plays a huge role in success! With more people involved in creating music, it’s necessary to incorporate technology to streamline the process. It’s also equally important to ensure all creatives get accurate credit and payment for every project they’re featured on, whether it’s a sample or a new collaboration.

At Jammber, we have developed so many useful tools that allow your studio vibe to flow easily and ensures all credits for projects worked on are tracked and compensated. Today you can use our technology to create records with producers all over the world and never worry if you’re being accurately credited on your collaborations.

Jammber Bridge, specifically, is the tool that organically enhances collaboration by managing all of your creative projects. Bridge makes managing creative projects easy by streamlining studio session scheduling, organizing your budget and paperwork and hosting all of your creative data and split sheets.

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