Introducing our Jammber API!

2018 has already been busy for us here at Jammber HQ! We’ve been working on a couple new products and a ton of updates in Bridge to provide our clients a more holistic solution for managing all their creative projects.

One update we’re most excited to announce is our Jammber API! At Jammber, we believe creativity is a powerful tool and we believe in the power of teams to enhance creativity. Our vision has always been to provide creative teams with technology that allows them to easily share their brilliance with the world.

It’s not a secret that there are many moving parts within the music industry. Artist managers are dependant on producers to capture accurate data at their studio sessions so they can submit proper label copy. Producers and artists are dependant on labels and PROs to make sure they’re receiving accurate credit and payment. The dependency cycle is endless. As such, the devil is in the details. Old processes and outdated technology have become become project management roadblocks, especially when managing a project with many collaborators. In order to collect the most accurate metadata, it needs to happen at the source.

Enter our partner program for our Jammber API

Our partner program allows developers to easily integrate into our API, increasing the speed of project management and the accuracy of metadata collection. It’s ideal for digital service providers, labels, publishers and anyone who wants to build workflow management applications for creative projects. With Jammber API, subscribing to data including relevant codes (ISWC/ISRC, UPC, ISNI), credits, label copy — even splits — will be easier than ever before.

Our partner API will be entirely subscription-based and our goal is to provide unique value for each partner. If you’re interested in finding out more about the opportunity, email

Jammber is the premier team workflow and payment automation platform for the entertainment industry whose mission is streamline creative teams so they can easily share their brilliance with the world. Jammber places itself at the intersection of commerce and data as an online platform which optimizes team projects, paperwork and payment aspects of entertainment industry business.

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