Jammber Joins Open Music Initiative

Jammber has joined music industry pioneers including Universal Music Group, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Netflix and other industry giants in ongoing conversation about how to simplify the way music contributors are credited and paid. This Open Music Initiative (OMI), spearheaded by Berklee College of Music Leads, aims to bring fair payments and transparency to the music industry in hopes that more of the $45 billion in annual revenues finds its way to the performers and writers who drive it.

An astonishing 30–50% of revenues never reach the bank accounts of the music performers and songwriters they are owed to. There is currently no efficient way to track music rights, ownership or payments, largely due to outdated inefficiencies, a highly paper-driven process, disconnected silos and poor communication.

This is exactly what OMI aims to address by creating a global, open sourced platform to create a shared record of music creators and rights owners. OMI is committed to promoting entrepreneurialism, innovation, transparency and expediency. Their mission, including technology efforts to create standards for data collection, reconciliation, and payment processes, falls directly in line with Jammber’s effort to drastically simplify paperwork and payment processing for the $250 billion dollar entertainment industry.

Jammber has made the decision to join OMI because we are unaware of any other job where it’s the norm to go to work every day and accept that you may or may not get paid even though thousands or millions of people are enjoying what you created. At Jammber we believe it’s not right and it’s not sustainable. We need to give credit where credit is due and make sure the people who create the music we love get paid fairly and quickly — whether they are a big artist or an emerging artist. Berklee has given us a way to expedite change through OMI and we’re excited about it

It comes down to this: people are motivated by money, recognition, and being part of something bigger than themselves. Artists are motivated by all three, but frequently the latter two hold more weight. They want to sign their name to a great piece of work and be a part of something bigger than themselves. Then there’s money to grow from there. That’s why Jammber exists.

OMI, along with the involved collaborators, understand that this issue is omnipresent and the community must ally together to produce creative solutions. If successful, OMI will attack the issue from all angles, and musicians will have a much easier time making money, leading to more and better music available for listeners. We’re excited to change the future of music, and OMI is providing the opportunity for us to do that in collaboration with the entire industry, from artists to labels to streaming services. There’s nothing better.

About Jammber

Jammber is the premier team workflow and payment automation platform for the entertainment industry whose mission is to enrich the lives of people in the entertainment industry by providing technologies that empower and enhance the creative process. Jammber places itself at the intersection of commerce and data for the music industry as an online platform which optimizes the team projects, paperwork and payment aspects of the business. To learn more, visit jammber.com.

About Open Music Initiative

Open Music Initiative is a non-profit collective of musicians, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, academics,

technologists and policy experts who love and value music. Its mission is to promote and advance the development of open source standards and innovation related to music rights and all their associated uses. Utilizing today’s technologies and open source mindset, OMI believes the way music rights owners are identified and compensated can be radically improved for digital era sustainability. Additional information on OMI is available at http://www.open-music.org.