Brexit isn’t an ‘opportunity’ for Britain. It’s a massive black hole.

My beloved Labour party no longer has my full support or my undivided attention. It shouldn’t have been that way in the first place, because that’s how countries get messed up — when people follow parties out of blind loyalty, but I digress.

So why have I left? It was because of a one-liner, really:

‘Labour today promised to get behind Britain’s exit from the European Union, saying they now believed Brexit is an enormous opportunity for the country.’

That’s taken from Adam Bienkov’s summary of John McDonnell’s speech to Labour figures today in London. The gist of it is that the Labour leadership has folded and almost seems as if it’s kissing the arse of the current Conservative Government. According to McDonnell, Labour won’t block or delay the initiation of Article 50. According to McDonnell, Labour won’t stand with the corporate elites who wanted Britain to remain in the EU. According to McDonnell, Labour won’t fight against the majority will of the British people.

Well, I’m British, I’m not a corporation and I wanted Britain to remain in the EU, like 48 percent of the population. That speech, John, is an insult. I’ve worked my arse off as a labourer, writer, call-centre operative and commercial producer. I’ve been on JSA and dealt with the DWP. I’ve been on the minimum wage, like others. Your party and others have given no reason for backing Brexit other than shrug your shoulders.

The truth? No-one on either side knows what Brexit means or entails. It’s a shot in the dark and we won’t know what it will mean until we pass through it. Like a black hole.

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