okay it’s the New Year and oh boy it’s a really busy Jan.

Quick update first, I’m still somewhat surviving with the occasional caffeine boost. Work is going to be keeping me really busy this whole month. And I guess working extra hours is giving me a little more pocket money for my traveling but it’s taking me away from spending time with my friends and family. Eventually I’ll make things works by having a good balance of both.

Thinking back to the last year, I’m still in the Sydney holiday mood. Coming back from Aussie isn’t helping me much now. All I want to do is travel back to aussie and lead a different kind of lifestyle. A more relaxed one. Or rather, I think it doesn’t matter much where I go in this world, I just don’t want to be right here in the place I am. I want to be nomadic!

Which is why is also my ultimate goal for the year: To be nomadic.

I guess the upcoming months are going to be interesting and I’ll reveal more details in the months to come of which many new changes which I’m looking forward to. Graduation is up in about 2 months and it’s going to be so fun to explore Hobart by myself with some days spent with a close friend. Can’t wait to travel again to immerse myself in the backpackers experience!

Till then, I’m signing off first. Update soon!

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