I’m layered up, walking on a 20-degree beach. A man is going in ….. ??

I love the beach in any weather. This was the coldest beech week-end in my personal history. The wind-chill / feels-like temperature was about 20 degrees. I had layered all up — yoga pants plus lined wind-breaker pants; undershirt plus flannel shirt plus sweater plus parka; stocking cap plus wool scarf plus parka-hood. I pulled the knotted wool scarf up over my mouth and nose; this fogged my sunglasses, but I could still see the beautiful sea. There were seven people on the beach, plus one dog that was running around apparently unattended.

Then I saw him coming up the beach toward me. Beach right-of-way rules put him on my left, as I was walking down the beach. He was wearing a full-body wet-suit, and carrying a paddle board and paddle. I gave him that universal sign of challenge — fingers spread, palms up, shoulders shrugging: “whaaaat? whyyyy?” He smiled and said, “Oh, yeah!” He kept moving up the beach toward where the waves were a little lower and a little slower. On a holiday like this — cold and sunny — he couldn’t resist. He’s a Board-Boy, and he’s gotta Board!

StandUpPaddleSurf / Mark Colino