There’s a new “cross-city-trail” to encourage fitness and fun! Bike time!

I heard that they’re trying to make a Maine to Florida biking-hiking path called the East Coast Greenway. It will be an urban Appalachian trail. Today, I biked on a little piece of it — what fun! The path I rode is protected from traffic, runs through a park and around an urban creek-fed lake. There were only four places where I had to push buttons, and wait for traffic lights to cross busy streets.

I saw a lot of sights — wild and not-so. There were geese and a wading water bird — maybe a heron — at the edge of the lake. A man walking his dog scared the geese, and there was a big to-do of honks and hisses. In the park, I saw tons of tennis players, and kids playing a pick up shirts-n-skins basketball game. It was wonderful to ride over a wooden bridge that spans the spillway of the dam on the creek, the creek that feeds and forms the lake. I know I should focus on my bike, but it is great fun to look down at the cascading water.

It was a beautiful day, and I thought about how wonderful it will be when we can all get rid of our cars, and walk or ride bikes everywhere. Maybe cabbing or taking a train or a bus or a boat sometimes. But mainly just living when we work and play. Like New York City? Well, kinda . . .