Alex Caress and Little Bandit —I’ve missed you so much. I love you so much.

I can’t remember details, but I first saw Alex Caress at a Grimey’s In-Store performance. Grimey said really nice things about him, which is a special kind of endorsement in Nashville; it was all I needed to hear. From that day on, I was a fan of Alex and Jordan and all their friends. The next time [that I remember] seeing them was out-East, at Mad Donna’s Loft. Alex and Little Bandit, Jordan and Ponychase, and Adia Victoria.

When I got the new record, Breakfast Alone, I was not prepared for the emotional reactions I would experience. I had read that it was Nashville’s best country music album of the year, but this is country plus! Totally traditional but with twists and turns and surprises! I was dancing one minute; crying, the next.

I could never express it in the beautiful and moving way that Alex and his collaborators do, but so many moments in this collection strike chords of commonality with me and my experiences. Nashville music, Tennessee countryside — this music takes me there. “Genius” is a term not tossed around in Nashville very often these days, certainly not by me. But this record comes close. It’s funny and sad, smart and empathetic, weird and wild — maybe I can have it all, maybe just not all at once. Tomorrow, I’ll play to it; then, I’ll dance to it; then, I’ll listen to it again. We’ll see.

Alex Caress of Little Bandit, new album: Breakfast Alone