Open board meeting; 1/5 of association members attended. Surprise!

There was something of a coup in this association last year. It was more of an evolution than a revolution. The association is growing and growing up. I attended the open meeting last year when a new board was elected. Today’s gathering was the first time the new board had held an open meeting since taking office. They presented a lot of information about what they had accomplished. They gave us a binder of information that contained minutes of past meetings. There was also a budget section, with some financial reports. The binder also included a list of board members, with names and contact information. Of interest — there is only one woman on the nine-person board. I am not even slightly interested in running for the board next year — but I wish that some woman would!

Several committee chairs gave reports. I made a lot of notes in the margins. I will certainly look forward to receiving the minutes of this meeting, so that I can make some sense of my notes. The personal styles of the various committee chairs were very different; some were great speakers — interesting and entertaining. Others — not so much. At several points in the meeting, the “floor” was opened for questions. It was interesting to listen to the different accents and dialects, and to try to digest the substance of the concerns the members expressed.

It was a stimulating meeting, in a really full day. I was so ready for a long walk to decompress, and a “hot tubby” to relax!