Needed both cargo shorts and a cargo skirt today!

Long morning bike ride — needed lots of “things” with me: house keys, ‘phone & stylus & glasses, wallet, water, tissues. So I could take a back-pack, and pack all this and a lunch, too. But at times like this, I’m so grateful for cargo shorts! Yeah, I probably wouldn’t wear them to work (although why not?) or to a wedding (most weddings). But cargo shorts sure came in handy today and I don’t know how real racing bikers do it — where do they put all their stuff?

After lunch and a rest and waiting for the rain to clear — I called my sister. She couldn’t talk right then, but offered to call me back when she got home. I went for a short walk, but didn’t want to miss her call. It has been awhile. But it was too hot and steamy for any heavy fabric. In the closet, I spotted my long-cherished cargo skirt. Had a pouch for the phone and another for the house keys and tissues, too! I have no idea where I got this garment — very thin cotton fabric, hits a little above my knees, four pouches with fasteners to keep the cargo safe, front zipper, buckles and snaps everywhere. And it’s bright pink! Just right with a light pink cotton tee. Hardly a commando kind of look!