After “drying” five pieces of flatware, I switch the towel to the other hand.

When I’m drying the dishes, I switch the towel so that first one hand and then the other is doing the main chore; the off-hand guides the “feed” and placement of the bowl, the cup, the fork. It took too long to rotate after every knife or fork or spoon, so I “dry” five pieces of flatware before switching the towel to the other hand. I have also started eating a few bites with one hand and then with the other. I do this every day. Maybe I’ll stimulate some of the un-used or under-used parts of my brain; I hope so. I don’t know where I got the idea to do this, but my goal is to “exercise” all of my brain.This is not a scientific experiment. I’ll never know if it’s working or not. I will still forget stuff and lose stuff and get lost.

Lately, I have noticed that the great Hall-of-Fame basketball giant, Jerry West, is featured in a commercial for some anti-stroke medication. We once took our little boys to see the LA Lakers play at The Forum, near where we lived in El Segundo. In the commercial, Jerry West is playing basketball and interacting with lots of kids; he and the kids are in motion, throughout the commercial. Funny thing — in one scene of the commercial, he spins the basketball on the tip of his right index finger; in another, he autographs a photo with his right hand; in another, he eats with his left. Maybe being ambidextrous was part of what made him a great basketball player.

I’m not looking to play competitive basketball, but I do want to keep reading and thinking and changing and growing. So I’m trying changing hands.