College World Series

LSU and Florida are in the finals; best 2 out of 3. Florida won last night . . .

College World Series of Baseball is always fun. Florida (3) won last night, and LSU (4) is fighting for its CWS chance right now. SEC (Southeastern Conference) is looking strong, whatever happens tonight! I can just imagine what it would be like in Omaha — WOW! 25,000 peeps in attendance.

The games are exciting; the players are skillful. They look so young; they sometimes act young, too. But these are big kids — some of them ready to play professionally. For others, these will be their last baseball games — unless they play in a recreation league sometime, somewhere and just for fun while they hold down their day jobs.

Florida had won last night. When I heard about it, I thought of my friend and former co-worker and of her son. They are huge Florida Gator fans. I also think of my friend/band teacher/sponsor and his family — he went to Louisiana State University, and they are Tigers Forever. I remember how I felt when Vandy was playing through the series, into the finals, and won the finals!

Naturally I’m hoping for LSU to win, so that there can be another down-to-the-very-wire game tomorrow night. Whatever happens tonight, it has been a great series. And everyone can be proud of where they are, and how they got there. Any team can win it all — on any given night!