COMPARED TO THE POWER BALL . . . not so much! Only $15.8 Million

I lived in a downtown apartment building for 25 years — off and on. I was “on the lease” for at least four different units. I had a wonderful, wild, wacky parade of room-mates and guests! I loved living downtown! For a lot of those years, I could walk to work. And could always walk to restaurants, shops, stores, sports and entertainment venues, government offices, and my bank. So many stories, so many memories. I heard recently that the property had “changed hands.” Also heard that my long-time friend, and the building’s all-purpose go-to, no longer works there. I miss her, and wonder if we’ll ever manage the get-together we had planned. I looked up the address in the property assessor’s database and saw that it had been sold by one mysterious entity to another. The secretary of state’s business entity database reflects buyer and seller are both LLCs, one of them chartered in Delaware — but with a registered agent for service of process located not far out of the city-proper. The register of deeds database reflects the sale, too. The affidavit of the quitclaim deed recites that the “actual consideration” for the transaction was $0.00 — whaaaat, no money?!? Come on, people! If I had known that the owners (whoever they are) were giving the building away, I would have stood on line! I did see an appraisal of $2,919,000.00 for the land and $2,241,600.00 for the “improvements-” the building. The last mortgage deed, for $2,900,000.00, was released years ago. Then I found reports in two different publications that listed the sale proceeds at $15.8 million. And that’s before they fix everything up and make the units appropriate to sell as individual homes. That probably puts it slightly out of my price range! Still, compared to some amounts, that’s not soooo much! I would like to talk to all those mysterious “partners” and limited liability corporation peeps — I would really like to learn how they do what they do, and find out how much money they earn! Oh — I did some searches in those public data bases, found some names, and looked up their houses. WHOA! “If you’re poor, I hope you get rich. If you’re rich, I hope you get happy!” Bob Dylan