I’ve been to a few protests — today I attended a demonstration.

Over the years, I’ve participated in many protests and special projects.

I went to the state capitol in a blizzard to support a group favoring paper ballots in all elections. Even back then, we had the crazy idea that computers could be hacked . . . . even from a distance! We feared a virtual version of “The Secrets of the Hopewell Box.”

Some time later, I demonstrated at the federal court house in support of a group that wanted to preserve the filibuster. One of my friends in the federal defenders office walked right past me on her way to work. She whispered that she would represent me for free if we all got arrested. We did not, so she did not. I figure she still owes me one, and that I owe her as well.

Today, there was a 12-hour meeting in support of a movement to repeal a piece of hateful, hurtful legislation. It was a true demonstration of love and hope and acceptance and peace. There were speeches and hugs and more than a few tears. And all that wonderful music helped us celebrate. Thank you 20+ bands, and all the volunteers and supporters!

Now I just wish that I had worn my Chuck Taylor high-top Hendrix sneakers! I don’t have that many chances . . .