Please meet my two new friends, Happy Baby and Downward Dog.

I have been away from yoga for a minute. First, travel and then company coming. I just couldn’t get to class. And I’m not skilled enough to practice on my own, without pretty specific instructions — or directions or demonstrations or a more experienced class-mate to watch.

Early evening class tonight. We got in, we got settled — mats, straps, blocks, blankets. I’m stiff as a board.

We work up to a new pose: you back up to a wall, put all your weight on your two hands, walk one foot up the wall behind you, leave the other foot arched with toes on the floor and heel a few inches up the wall. Then you bring the first foot back down and inch the other foot up the wall. Whoa! Waaaaay too much posture processing for me, and way too much flexibility for my out-of-condition self.

When we get the word to return to our mats — I am so relieved! And grateful to pose like a happy baby and a downward-facing dog. I wish I could see myself forming an inverted “V” as I move toward adho mukha svanasana!