Down to the Final Four. Interesting geography; Northwest — Southeast!

It’ll be a week before we tune in to the Final Four of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. Still some representation from private/public schools. And teams from different conferences. Plus the geography is interesting; two teams are from coastal northwestern states, and two are from coastal southeastern states. Hmmmmm . . . .

I’m behind again in my family bracketology competition. But correct picks in the semi-finals are worth six points each. And the correct pick in the finals yields seven points. And we are separated by only five points — top to bottom of the tally. A special feature of our family bracket challenge is that we start over after each round. Points accumulate, but we are not stuck with the selections we made before the tournament even began — what seems like weeks ago! It’s still anyone’s tournament!

Since I keep the scores and totals for each “picker,” and since I was in the lead for a minute — it has been suggested that an independent auditing firm should handle the picking and the tallies. But that idea has not worked out so well lately. And suggestions for an independent investigation have likewise been unsuccessful recently. So for now — the pickers in my family are stuck with me; at least, until one of them volunteers to take over the task.

Funny thing, we used to do all the selections and tallies over the “hard-line” telephone system. I wrote everything out by hand and totaled all the winners on a Big Chief tablet. Times have changed! Also, I am feeling some pressure to add the NCAA Women’s basketball tournament as an option! Stay tuned!