Doctor’s office for a flu shot — cute kids playing “school” in the waiting room.

I went by the doctor’s office for my flu shot. In the waiting room: big plastic “school bus” with driver’s seat and room for some little passengers. And a fully-appointed work table like a school desk — right next to the bus. And some cute kids playing in that corner. A little girl came in with her grandmother, watched for a minute, then went right over and joined in. She knew this game — no training required. And the others welcomed her as a “new” student, giving her a place to sit.

Over the intercom: “I Won’t Back Down.” Love me some Tom Petty! “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom and Jeff Lynne — on Tom’s first solo album Full Moon Fever, 1989. This doctor and/or this staff: very, very cool peeps!!

I’m thinking of my flu shot and remembering all my other, recent vaccinations: Shingles, Tdap (adult tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis), Pneumococcal (pneumonia and some other bad stuff).

None of those other vaccinations are as memorable as I think this flu shot experience will be!