I am trying to lead a simplified life . . . but I use a dozen+ devices every day!

I think that I’m doing pretty well in the footprint department. I don’t even use a car on most days. I walk and talk and do a lot of things “by hand,” with no machines.

BUT when I stop and think about it — I used at least a dozen devices today, and many more on some days.

  1. I used a cell phone to wake up — even though I didn’t get up right away!
  2. I brewed a pot of coffee, using a 1950s electric coffee pot inherited from my Mom. I took home-made granola and milk from the ‘fridge. When I made the granola last week, I used the oven on the electric stove. I turned on lights over the table, so that I could read a magazine while I ate.
  3. I powered up my Chromebook to see if I had e-mail, messages, events.
  4. I took a bike ride, using a battery-powered odometer to measure speed and distance.
  5. I brushed my teeth with an electric tooth brush, and cleaned my face with a battery-powered scrubber.
  6. I ate lunch, using food from the ‘fridge and using the microwave to warm some of it. I heated a cup of coffee in the microwave.
  7. I worked on a cross-word puzzle, using a table-lamp in the “porch room.”
  8. I took a walk, listening to music on a battery-powered portable radio that I carried in my jacket pocket. I used ear-buds connected to the radio.
  9. I used a battery-powered eye massager to rest and relax after my walk. It plays sounds of nature, too.
  10. I played my drum kit to music from the CD player in the music room.

And all this is just the first part of the day. I’m not even up to supper cooking and clean-up, evening exercise, and television watching! I am proud that I do a few things each day that don’t require energy, other than my own. But truth be told — I am an energy hog and a resource waster.

Also — Happy Valentine’s Day!