We all have birthdays — if we’re very lucky. But we never have to grow up!

I am thinking of all the things I do when I’m not working on some specific project. The things that are not work — are they play? Well, they ought to be! Some people actually play games — I think I gave my old wooden tennis racket to the GRANDkids, and I don’t know where my golf clubs even are.

So what is my play these days? I like to listen to music and play drums — full kit, conga, djembe, or cajon. I also like to dance — mostly tap dance. Would love to take a class! I even have a little cushioned square, where I can dance without marring the floor — but I still love the sound of a real wood surface! I like to watch DVDs, and to play old (and some new) vinyl records! Liner notes are great, and not available on most down-loads these days. Reading lyrics while I listen to music helps me to better understand and appreciate the songs.

Puzzles too, of course — crossword and sudoku. I have a little machine, discarded by the GRANDdaughter — Nintendo DS lite. I can play games on it — endlessly fascinating!

And coloring is my new “thing.” I like geometric shapes best, and Andrew has been making some design pages that I can print out and color. I like metallic ink pens, and I’m trying to find some sparkle gel pens — thanks for introducing me to sparkle gel so long ago, Shelli!

Walking and biking, cooking, reading, yoga, writing, fitness classes and machines. Yeah, my day is full of play. And that’s a good thing!

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw