Happiness cannot be bought. To be happy, you have to give happiness.

There is no magic wand to wave; no short-cut around pain, loss, and disappointment. The road to fulfillment and satisfaction is not always well-lighted and smoothly paved. Sometimes it can be rough to keep on keeping on, to keep on believing that you deserve happiness.

I am pretty sure that happiness does not result from possessions. You can’t wear happiness, or eat it or drive it or live in it. Things probably won’t make you happy. Actually, other people can’t make you happy either. Some people believe that satisfaction and fulfillment, even happiness, can be found in a life of service. That’s certainly worth a try.

It’s pretty much a daily challenge — to love and to be loved. To find something that makes you smile, laugh even — or something you can do to bring a little sunshine into the life of another. It doesn’t even have to be a big deal. Just a little something, something!

“If you’re poor, I hope you get rich. If you’re rich, I hope you get happy.” Bob Dylan