A woman in the neighborhood where I walk is selling her house and seriously down-sizing. She seems OK with this, and is looking forward to the process and the results. I know it’s hard in some ways, but she’s very upbeat and positive — full of plans for a new way of life, in a new space.

I was worried about the cat; I call out to the cat when I’m riding my bike or walking on that street. I knew that the woman could take the cat to the new place — but would it be upset, unhappy, confused? I worried that it would run away, and try to find its way “home?”

The house is being sold to the parents of the Mom of the young family that lives next door. The owner/seller is happy, the parents are happy, and the family next door is wildly happy.

I don’t know how the cat feels about the sale, but today I saw the middle-school-aged boy from the next door family playing with the cat in the drive-way — even taking photos with a phone or a pad of some kind. The cat was clearly enjoying the kid and all the attention. Maybe the cat will get to stay home and stay happy! Hafta hope so — for everyone’s sake!