from album “Inevitable” by Al-d Words and E.t. Got-Soul.

Alex Davis-Smith (Al-d Words) and Mike Logan (E.t. Got-Soul) are producers, MCs, deejays, radio show hosts — they live and perform in Nashville, and in other areas. They perform wherever they happen to be, even when the shows they attend are presented by others! And they are welcomed!

“In This Together” is a track from their new album, Inevitable. The link to the YouTube video from their album release party at fooBAR in Nashville appears above. I am moved by this performance, more each time I watch it. E.t. and Al-D are good men, nice men. They work hard at their day jobs. They love their families and their friends. They perform their art because they can’t not do it. They present these warnings and this hope, because they can’t not do it. Who all is “in this together” anyway? The message extends beyond the performance venue. The message is broader than these performers and their collaborators; broader than their fans, this audience. The words of warning, and of hope, extend to all of us who value our neighborhoods, our country, our society, our civilization. As dark and scary as our times can seem, “it’s not a game when you’re trying to change things.. . .”