I have been at women’s events on back-to-back days. I am inspired!

I have been to three women’s events in the past two days. There will be one more this week; and a big annual meeting, where the out-going president of a major professional association is a woman. Today, one of the most important stats of the two days was tossed out: woman earn 82% of what men earn — for the same job, at the same level. This is bad; it is not fair. But it is better than it used to be, if I remember my women’s history.

The presentations at these events often mention a significant difference in female/male professional history: women often take “time-out” from their careers to serve as care-givers for their children or for older family members. The presenters at these meetings have been women, but sometimes men in the audience have been recognized as being part of the organizations. Sometimes men were asked to offer a comment, or to make an observation.

As I looked around the rooms of these events, I saw wall-to-wall women — and a few smart men! And I was thrilled to see many, many young women. They are our hope. They are our future. They are our legacy.

“Little girls with dreams become women with vision!” Anonymous