Accessible only by ferry — no cars allowed. And no phone, no pets, no wi-fi.

This is sort of a secret place. The cars in the parking lot indicated that almost everyone lives nearby. There were lots of family groups, many multi-generational family groups, waiting for the state-run ferry. And they brought lots of bags, back-packs, beach-chairs, coolers, and carts; and lots of fishing gear and surf boards. No pets are allowed. There is no Wi-Fi; cell phone service is iffy.

It was a perfect island day. There were occasional big trawlers a little ways out in the ocean. The water was deep blue; the sky was light blue; the surf was gentle. There was a firm sandy beach for walking, and occasional shady shelters with great ocean views and lovely cool breezes. Lots of people were fishing; many children were playing in the waves. A few patient souls paddled out on surf boards, and rode the gentle waves as far as they could.

There were several camp sites available for public use; each has a small shelter tent in place and a small picnic table. There are a few “group camp sites” available, too. I would love to try it, but there is no electricity and no bathroom; there are probably lots of bugs and other night creatures. I would be thinking longingly of a beautiful state lodge or the nearest Holiday Inn. And a hot-tub!